The secret of success of our charcuterie begins with a rigorous selection of meat. Only noble cuts like the leg, the shoulder and the back fat are employed.

We pay particular attention to the quality of our pork suppliers.


The pigs are fed with certified, non-GMO, organic feed, produced in France or Europe. Organic pigs are reared in particular conditions of housing and welfare, with straw bedding and access to the outdoors. Sows are at pasture throughout all stages of pregnancy and lactation, on large plots with huts that provide shelter, enabling them to raise their litters in excellent conditions.   

Medicines are administered on a strictly as necessary basis, and natural preparations are preferred. In case of illness, the animal receives a maximum of 1 veterinary treatment in its lifetime if no other solution is possible.   

Organic production methods create a virtuous circle with the earth through feeding and the use of the manure on organically farmed soils.

Animal well-being is reinforced by the types of shelters used, different rearing techniques (weaning at 40 days, tail docking and teeth cutting not permitted) and the training of pig breeders and others involved in the animal husbandry sector. 


Only 5% of pigs in France are reared on straw bedding. This traditional mode of pig farming is an element of comfort for the animal. Straw is also a source of distraction and an occupation, helping to strengthen muscles. And straw sourced from cereal producers is a sustainable resource that maintains the natural balance of the earth.

The health and well-being of the pigs is closely monitored to avoid the use of antibiotics (from 42 days).

Feed is guaranteed without GMO (<0.9%, in accordance with the legislation). It is 90% vegetal of which a minimum of 60% is cereal. The rest is composed of vitamins and minerals, milk products and bakery by-products.

To receive the label, each carcass is subject to different measures to guarantee the quality of the meat. All Label Rouge products are tasted by consumers to validate their superior quality compared to standard products.

The well-being of the animal is the core concern, with transport distances to the abattoir limited to a maximum of 200 km, or 6 hours. Drivers and associated personnel receive training in animal welfare.  

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