It is 120 years since the Chillet adventure began, but the secrets of making top quality saucisson remain unchanged.

Our garlic puree is made from fresh garlic cloves and most of the salt and spice mixes are made within our workshop, by our dedicated team.

Pepper is crushed on demand to preserve its taste and strength. Each saucisson has its own seasoning : a mix of various spices and herbs which gives the saucisson a very unique taste.

The respect of quantities is internally controlled and adjusted according to each type of saucissons even for new recipes that we can produce especially for you as custom manufacturings.


To perpetuate Quality, Chillet mainly works with natural casings that are rigorously sorted out within our workshop. Our dedicated team removes the fat and nerves of each casing by hand before they calibrate and tie them. Producing this type of casing enables a better drying process. By using various types of natural casings, Chillet is able to create a large range of sizes and shapes, that have never been seen before.

All our trussed saucissons are trussed by hand, a process that demands unique dexterity and skill. It is one of the specificities of our production, and we are one of the rare companies that still maintains this ancient method of fabrication in pure charcuterie tradition..

Drying, finishing, and ageing is carried out in the pure air of Saint-Symphorien-sur-Coise under the watchful eye of our teams. It can take several weeks, or even months, depending on the type of saucisson, before it is completely cured.

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