At the heart of the Monts du Lyonnais :
the best of Tradition is still preserved.

When quality is associated with a one-hundred-year-old know-how, Tradition takes on its full meaning. Here, in Saint Symphorien sur Coise, Chillet has been producing saucissons since 1902 in the utmost respect of raw materials and for the sake of maintaining a "home-made" production that delights the good-food lovers.


For 5 generations, the passion has remained, throughout gestures that perpetuate a flawless Tradition in which each saucisson is produced with passion and precision. Today, our products keep on holding high the gastronomic renown of the area, especially thanks to our saucissons.


Discover them and taste the difference : Rosette, Jésus, saucisson stuffed with truffles, traditional saucisson, hand-trussed saucisson along with saucisson à la perche, that is one of our specialties. Savouring can start....  



La Quotidienne - France 5 : Des saucissons à tous les goûts !

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