Production secrets : the importance of authenticity yesterday and today.


Centuries go by, traditions remain, to begin with handmade saucissons preserving the actions of men on each step of the production. This is the guarantee of a homemade saucisson, where everyone is taking care of each step of production : grinding, stuffing, drying and maturing.


We leave nothing to chance or only to a machine. Thus, the saucisson mix is still grinded thanks to the old-mincer principle. This process enables to produce our traditional saucisson with large bits, regular and well-spread thanks to a meticulous kneading.


Naturally, the modern technology is used to ensure a perfect security and a flawless cleanliness.  




Gestures of days gone by for unequalled flavour.


To perpetuate quality, Chillet only works with natural guts. Each gut is calibrated and classified according to its diameter, at once strong enough to resist the stuffing but also thin to enable a correct drying.


In the respect of tradition, the Rosette is tied up into a pure cotton net and our saucissons are still hand-trussed. This is a specificity of Chillet, which is one of the latest salting factories to keep on producing this way.


The processes of maturing and drying are realized in installations which control system has been completely modernized and that enables; along with the constant control of the staff; to maximise the use of the pure and high-quality air of the Monts du Lyonnais and develop flavors.


According to the type of saucissons, several weeks or months are necessary to achieve the perfect drying before the saucissons can be served on your stalls or plates.


All these elements put together give our products this delicious taste that delights the good food -lovers.

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